woensdag 15 februari 2012

Hay Fever @ Noel Coward Theatre

Another stagedoor I went to pay a visit was the Noel Coward Theatre, where a play called "Hay Fever" just started. In this play are a few actors and actresses I wanted to meet, amongst them were Jeremy Northam and Olivia Colman.

Jeremy Northam (Mimic, The Tudors, The Net) wasn't to happy about posing for a picture, but he did it if I insisted he said. So I did... So, after he posed for a picture he signed my poster of "The Invasion" and the DVD-covers of "The Tudors", "The Net", "Cypher", "Gosford Park", "Enigma" and "Mimic".
Freddie Fox, known from the movie "The Three Musketeers" signed my poster of "The Three Musketeers" and posed for a picture.
Olivia Colman, known for her roles in movies like "The Iron Lady" and "Tyrannosaur" signed my poster of "The Iron Lady" and posed for a picture.

Kevin R. McNally, known for his parts in "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and the upcoming movie "The Raven" signed my poster of "The Raven" and posed for a picture.

Lindsay Duncan was not as nice as the other actors in the play, but she was wiling to sign my Boxset of Rome anyway. She was not willing to pose for a picture though.

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