vrijdag 17 februari 2012

Celebrities @ Claridges Hotel

Another hotel which is also good to spot some celebrities is Claridges hotel. This time I was able to meet the following people there;

Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers, Snow White And The Huntsman) was in town because he was nominated for a Rising Star Award at the Bafta's. When I met him coming out of the hotel he signed my posters of Thor and two different posters of Snow White And The Huntsman. After this he was happy to pose for a picture.
Ron Howard, who is currently making the movie Rush starring Chris Hemsworth, is mostly known for directing The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13, Ransom and as an actor in the series Happy Days. The friendly actor was ok with posing for a picture.
Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, Schindler's List, Hugo) signed my poster of Hugo and posed for a picture.
Kenneth Branagh, is mostly known for acting in movies like My Week With Marilyn, Valkyrie and Wild Wild West, but recently he directed the superhero movie Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth. After Kenneth signed my poster of Thor, he posed for a picture.
John Hurt, who was handed out a special award at the Bafta awards is mostly known for roles in Alien, The Elephant Man, Harry Potter and the latest Indiana Jones movie. When I met him in fron of Claridges hotel he signed my DVD-covers of The Elephant Man and Rob Roy and posed for a picture.
Academy award winning director Tom Hooper is mostly known for his movie The King's Speech. Tom is currently filming a new version of Les Miserables in London. When I met him he posed for a picture.
Jessica Chastain (The Tree Of Life, The Help, The Debt) is one of the most rising stars at the moment. She starred at numerous films last year and was nominated for the movie The Help. She signed my poster of The Help and posed for a picture.
Jeremy Irvine is known for his leading role in the new Steven Spielberg movie War Horse. When he left his hotel he signed my poster of War Horse and posed for a picture.