woensdag 25 juni 2014

Boyhood Amsterdam Premiere @ Eye Amsterdam

The first intersting Dutch premiere in ages was the new Richard Linklater movie "Boyhood", starring Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. Naturally I could stay away from this.

Patricia Arquette (True Romance, Stigmata, Lost Highway, Medium) signed my DVD-covers of True Romance, Lost Highway and Stigmata as well as three photos from True Romance. Lovely lady she is. 
 This was the second time I've met director Richard Linklater (School Of Rock, Before Sunrise). Therefor I only let him sign two pictures of him and I asked him for a new picture with.

Fedcon 2014

This year's Fedcon was, like last year's edition, not very good for me for meeting stars. Only two of the whole I decided to go and meet.
One of them was ofcourse Natasha Henstridge (Species, Maximum Risk, The Whole Nine Yards) who signed my filmcell of Species and posed for a photo.
 The other one was Tony Curran (The Pillars Of The Earth, Defiance) who signed my book of The Pillars Of The Earth and posed for a photo.

Antwerp Convention 2014

Like every year, this year I also attended the Antwerp Convention, where I was able to meet three people from the TV-show Game Of Thrones, which ofcourse I really like! 

Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy), who was actually extremely nice, signed my poster of Game Of Thrones and posed for a photo.
 Luke Barnes (Rast) signed my poster and posed for a photo.
 Mark Stanley (Grenn) signed my poster and posed for a photo.