zaterdag 30 maart 2013

Empire Awards 2013

Last year I attended the Empire Awards for the first time. Back then the guest list was pretty good... This year the guestlist wasn't nearly as good. The only people that came to the awards were British people and most of the time not even that well known people. Because of two celebrities that DID attend, I cannot really complain.
Daniel Radcliffe is ofcourse mostly known for his part as Harry Potter in the movie franchise. He is usually not that easy on doing pictures with, but in this case eventually he made an exception. I'm really pleased with getiing a picture with him.
Dame Helen Mirren won an Academy Award for her part in The Queen. Besides that movie she is also known for movies like Red, National Treasure 2 and Calendar Girls. She is also not that happy with making pictures with, but she also made an exception.  
Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, The Office, Love Actually) is usually very nice. Luckily he didn't make an exception and he was still very nice.
Domnhall Gleeson is mostly known for his part as Bill Weasley in Harry Potter. Besides that, he is also known for movies like Dredd, Anna Karenina and Shadow Dancer. When I asked him he was willing to pose for a picture.
Jenna-Louise Coleman is very popular at the moment because she is the leading lady in the currect Dr. Who series. Besides that she is also known for the Titanic mini-series.
Adam Brown is only known for playing "Ori" in The Hobbit movies. 
Tom Holland is mostly known for playing a big role in "The Impossible". Tom signed my poster of "The Impossible" and posed for a photo.
Sam Claflin (The Pillars Of The Earth, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, Snow White & The Huntsman) signed my poster of Snow White & The Huntsman and posed for a photo.
Tom Riley is an upcoming actor but he is already playing Leonardo Da Vinci in Da Vinci's Demons, a new series that starts this spring. I am really looking forward to that!
Steve Oram is mostly known for his role as Chris in the acclaimed movie Sightseers.
Alice Lowe is mostly known for playing the part of Tina in the acclaimed movie Sightseers.
Robert Sheehan has a major part in the upcoming blockbuster movie The Mortal Instruments coming out in august. Besides that he is known for the series The Misfits and the movie Cherrybomb.
Douglas Booth is playing a big part in the upcoming blockbuster movie Noah, while he is also known for The Pillars Of The Earth and LOL. 
Blake Harrison is mostly known for playing "Neil" in The Inbetweeners movie (and series).
Joanne Froggatt is mostly known for playing Anna Bates in Downton Abbey.
Will Poulter is mostly known for movies like The Chronicles Of Narnia 3 and Son Of Rambow.
Charlie Creed-Miles is mostly known for movies like King Arthur, The Fifth Element and Wild Bill. 
Warren Brown is mostly known for series like Luther, Homefront and Good Cop.

Also, Daniel Radcliffe signed my poster of "Harry Potter" and Martin Freeman signed my DVD-boxset of "The Office".

Peter & Alice @ Noel Coward Theatre

Dame Judi Dench (Skyfall, Shakespeare In Love, Notes On A Scandal) is one the nicest actresses I've ever met. Before this evening I've met her several times and I'm happy to know that she didn't change a bit. When she left the theatre afther her performance she signed my posters of Skyfall, My week with Marilyn and J. Edgar. She was also willing to pose for another picture. Always a threat to meet her!

Celebrities @ Best Western Parkhotel Dortmund

When the convention Movie Days was announced, I knew I couldn't attend this one because I was in London at the same time for the annual Empire Awards. Because of that, I went to the hotel where the celebrities where staying. In the lobby on the day before the convention I was able to meet the following celebrities.
Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) signed my poster of The Walking Dead and posed for a photo. 
Roddy Piper (They Live) actually is a wrestler and a one-time actor. But the only time he actuall did a decent acting job was the classic movie "They Live", in which he didn't actvery well by the way. Still I was very happy to meet him when he checked in.
John Schneider (The Dukes Of Hazard, Smallville) also was very friendly. When he walked through the lobby he was happy to make a picture with me.
Andrew Rothenberg (The Walking Dead) was a bit strange. Luckily he didn't object when I asked him for a picture.