zondag 8 september 2013

Michael Douglas @ Deauville Filmfestival 2013

Two times academy award winner Michael Douglas (Falling Down, The Game, Basic Instinct, Wall Street) was in town to promote his new movie Behind The Candelabra in which he plays Liberace. I was extremely lucky when I met him at the hotel, because I was only there with fellow collector Tom. He came all the way to us to make a picture with us and during the festival he signed my poster of Romancing The Stone and my DVD-cover of Basic Instinct. 

John Travolta @ Deauville Filmfestival 2013

Two times academy award nominated actor John Travolta is one of the coolest actors alive. He is mostly known for movies like Face/Off, Swordfish, Pulp Fiction, Grease and Saturday Night Fever. John signed my posters of Face/Off and Swordfish and my DVD-covers of Pulp Fiction and Broken Arrow. Travolta is one of the most friendly actors I've ever met and he had no problem with posing for pictures with fans.

Nicolas Cage @ Deauville Filmfestival 2013

Finally I was able to meet Nicolas Cage, an actor I wanted to meet for ages. The Academy Award winning actor is mostly known for movies like Face/Off, The Rock, Con Air, Leaving Las Vegas and Kick-Ass. He signed my posters of Face/Off, Gone In 60 Seconds and Kick-Ass and my DVD-covers of Gone In 60 Seconds, The Rock, Con Air as well as a picture of him. He was in a rush all the time but I managed to get a picture with him after all.

Jamie Foxx @ Deauville Filmfestival 2013

One of the best names that attended this years Deauville Filmfestival was academy award winning actor Jamie Foxx, known for movies like Miami Vice, Django Unchained, Ray and White House Down (which he was promoting at the festival). Jamie signed my posters of White House Down and Django Unchained. After that, he was also willing to pose for a picture with me.

Celebrities @ Deauville Filmfestival 2013

After not been attending the Deauville filmfestival for several years, I decided to attend the festival this year because of a couple of good celebrities attended the festival also.

Famke Janssen (X-Men, Goldeneye, Nip/Tuck) was a jury member and allthough she was not very friendly this time, she did pose for a picture.
Jena Malone (Sucker Punch, Into The Wild) signed my posters of Into The Wild and Sucker Punch and also posed for a picture.
 Roland Emmerich (2012, Independence Day, Godzilla) signed my DVD-covers of Universal Soldier and Stargate, my Blu-Ray cover of Independence Day and my posters of 2012 and White House Down. He was also more then willing to pose for a photo.
 Gale Anne Hurd (producer of Aliens, The Terminator and The Abyss) was in town for a tribute to her. When she left the hotel she posed for a photo.
 David Gordon Green (director of Your Highness, Pineapple Express and Joe) posed for a picture.
 Lee Daniels (director of Precious, The Paperboy and The Butler) posed for a picture.
 Vince Gilligan, creator of TV-show Breaking Bad posed for a photo.
 Vincent Lindon, head of the jury this year, is mostly known for movies like La Moustache and Welcome posed for a picture.