zondag 19 september 2010

Movie & Comic Event 2010

After a long time the Movie & Comic Event in Bottrop Germany was finally being held again. Even more then previous years, this edition suffered from more cancellations then visitors. It all looked like a private signing with maybe only 50 visitors, and I am not exaggerating at all. But except for one cancellation, everyone who I wanted to meet was at the convention to sign, pose, talk and (most of the time) do nothing.

Robert Knepper, known from the hitseries "Prison Break" and "Heroes", signed my Heroes-Artwork and posed for a smiling picture!
And for a serious one as well...

Michael Beck, mostly known for his starring role in the classic movie The Warriors, posed for a picture.

Deborah Van Valkenburgh, also mostly known for the movie The Warriors, was also one the female leads in the Christopher Lambert-movie Mean Guns, which I think is the Lambert ever made...

David Rasche, known for his role as Sledge Hammer in the series Sledge Hammer. He posed for a picture...

Marilyn Burns, known as the female lead in the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre posed for a picture. All cosy with a chainsaw, something different as being cosy with a small child.

After these private meet & greets we drove back home.

woensdag 15 september 2010

The Other Guys UK Gala Premiere

After my rendez-vous with the two main actors of the movie I decided to go Leicester Square where the premiere was being held later on. Around 6.00 two things where due to happen, the stars where expected to attend an it was expected to rain, slightly. Only one of then became a reality. The rain...and it wasn't exactly a drizzle!
When the stars arrived, the only one who really made an effort for his fans was Mark Wahlberg, who signed my DVD-covers of Shooter, The Truth About Charlie, The Perfect Storm, Three Kings and the Blu-Ray cover of The Happening. After that, he was willing to do a picture with me...again!Adam McKay, director of the movie, appreared to be drunk... He signed my DVD-cover of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and fucked up my picture with him...

Celebrities @ BBC Radio 1

I went to London, for a change. Just for one day, just for one premiere. The UK Gala Premiere of
The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Thanks to fellowcollector Tamas, I knew that they had an appearance at BBC Radio 1 earlier that day. Worth to check it out...

Mark Wahlberg signed my DVD-covers of The Italian Job, Planet of the Apes and Boogie Nights in which he plays Dirk Diggler. After he signed my DVD-covers he posed for a picture
Will Ferrell, the hilarious actor known for Blades of Glory, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Old School where he plays Frank The Tank, signed my DVD-covers of Old School and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy but was not responsive when asked for pictures...unfortunately.

woensdag 8 september 2010

Moviedays 2010

This time no visit to London for me... but a visit to Germany! After a 3,5 hours drive and a 30 minutes breakfast I arrived in Braunschweig together with fellowcollector Rene for a convention called Moviedays. It was the second time this convention was being held in Germany and the first time I went to pay it a visit. Like woth almost every other convention I drove over there to meet some special guests, not to buy some memorabilia. Well offcourse that can be nice as too :-)

There are always people at those conventions I've already met, but sometimes there are still people at these small(er) shows whom I didn't have to pleasure of meeting (yet). This time there were even some actors I was dying to meet for years now!

Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, who play the lead in the cult classic The Boondock Saints and it's sequel, flew over to Germany for this show to meet their fans. I cannot recall a single occasion were they appeared at a show for a signing so I was very lucky to meet them both this weekend.
Sean Patrick Flanery signed my poster of The Boondock Saints and my DVD-boxset of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones which he really liked. Norman Reedus signed my poster of The Boondock Saints as well and I did a photoshoot with the two saints together which was great!
I was so happy to meet them that I even did a special boondock saints-photoshoot with to two of them together with many thanks to Stjepko!
The other actor I was very happy to meet was Tony Todd, best known for his starring role as Candyman in the Candyman-movies. For me he signed the DVD-cover of The Rock and my poster of "24" in which he plays villain General Benjamin Juma. After the signing we did a photoshoot together. And because he really liked what he was doing we did another one!
Alex Vincent, who played Andy Barclay in Child's Play 1 & 2 signed my DVD-cover of Child's Play and posed for a picture.
After that Rene also got his picture back with Norman and Sean and he wasn't happy, because he looked like Mr. Ed on the picture, after a long discussion and a little help from Stjepko (there he is again!) he was able to get a new one... I also decided to go talk to John Rhys-Davies about his part in Anaconda 3 & 4. It was a very nice (and long conversation) which ended by John Rhys-Davies calling Rene "a disgrace". After this very nice conversation we drove back to Holland and we managed to catch every possible traffic jam possible, which made our ride back a very unpleasant one of 5 hours!