zondag 22 januari 2012

2 Fred Flinstones, 1 London Trip

By accident I was lucky enough to meet both actors that have portrayed Fred Flinstone in the live action movies.
John Goodman, is also known for movies like The Big Lebowski, The Blues Brothers 2000, Fallen and the series Damages and Roseanne. After some mumbling he posed for a picture with me.

Mark Addy, is also known for movies like Robin Hood, The Full Monty and series like Game Of Thrones. Mark signed my posters of Game Of Thrones and Robin Hood and my DVD-covers of Flinstones 2 and The Full Monty. The friendly actor was also very happy to take a picture with me.

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Critic's Circle Awards @ National Film Theatre

This was the third year I attended the London Critic's Circle awards in London. But this time I was here by accident. Usually the awards are being handed out a couple of days before Bafta. But, I found out this year they were being held in january, and at that moment I was in London with Samantha on holiday. I did, however, check out the event at the National Film Theatre and was able to meet the following people;

Jean Dujardin, the man who is probably going to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in the silent movie The Artist, attended and won the London Critic's Circle Awards. He was willing to pose for a picture.

Carey Mulligan, known for her parts in Wall Street 2, Drive and the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby, posed for a picture. John Boyega, newcomer and known for his main part in Attack The Block, posed for a picture. Olivia Colman, known and acclaimed for her parts in The Iron Lady and Tyrannosaur, posed for a picture. Asif Kapadia, known for the acclaimed documentary Senna, about the worlds most famous driver in the world, posed for a picture. Ow, and last but not least, Michael Fassbender signed my Blu-Ray cover of 300 and posed for a picture with Samantha!

Hamlet @ Young Vic Theatre

Another play I went to pay a visit was Hamlet in the Young Vic Theatre, where Michael Sheen (Twilight, Unthinkable, Frost/Nixon) played the lead, Hamlet.

Michael Sheen signed my posters of Alice In Wonderland, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Tron: Legacy and The Special Relationship. He also signed my DVD-covers of Frost/Nixon, Unthinkable and Beautiful Boy, thanks to my girlfriend Samantha. Afterwards he posed for a picture.
Benedict Wong, who also starred in the same play, is known for his part in the Sci-Fi movie Sunshine and due to a big part in the upcoming movie Prometheus. He posed for a picture.

Richard II @ Donmar Warehouse

My first trip to London was a trip I did together with my girlfriend. Because of this reason I didn't do much collecting. I did however do a few things, including the Richard II play in The Donmar Warehouse Theatre. Eddie Redmayne (Black Death, My Week With Marilyn and The Pillars Of The Earth) was the lead is this play. He signed my Blu-Ray Boxset of The Pillard Of The Earth and the Blu-Ray of Black Death. He was also more than willing to pose for a picture.

zaterdag 14 januari 2012

Festival Of Fame

The first event I attended in 2012 was the Festival Of Fame convention in Cologne, Germany. I have to say that this was a convention like I've never seen before. With almost no stars, attendees or merchandise/DVD tables this was the most empty convention I've attended so far. Together with me approximately 20 other attendees were wondering what to do with the time, while they were inside. The actors were not enjoying themselves either, they were not supposed to make pictures with us, we had to wait until the photoshoot in the afternoon. But what to do with the time inbetween?

Keith David (Platoon, The Thing, Requiem For A Dream) was the mean reason I went to Cologne for this convention. Before he was told not to, he posed up for a picture with me. Very friendly guy this Keith David.
Claudia Wells, known for Back To The Future, signed my Back To The Future poster and also posed for a picture (before she was also told no to!).