zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Critic's Circle Awards @ National Film Theatre

This was the third year I attended the London Critic's Circle awards in London. But this time I was here by accident. Usually the awards are being handed out a couple of days before Bafta. But, I found out this year they were being held in january, and at that moment I was in London with Samantha on holiday. I did, however, check out the event at the National Film Theatre and was able to meet the following people;

Jean Dujardin, the man who is probably going to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in the silent movie The Artist, attended and won the London Critic's Circle Awards. He was willing to pose for a picture.

Carey Mulligan, known for her parts in Wall Street 2, Drive and the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby, posed for a picture. John Boyega, newcomer and known for his main part in Attack The Block, posed for a picture. Olivia Colman, known and acclaimed for her parts in The Iron Lady and Tyrannosaur, posed for a picture. Asif Kapadia, known for the acclaimed documentary Senna, about the worlds most famous driver in the world, posed for a picture. Ow, and last but not least, Michael Fassbender signed my Blu-Ray cover of 300 and posed for a picture with Samantha!

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