dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Bafta Afterparty @ Grosvenor House Hotel

Like last year, this year I also booked a room in the hotel where the afterparty was being held. It costed me some money but I had a good night and a good sleep.

Samuel L. Jackson, known for movies like "Pulp Fiction", "Die Hard With A Vengeance", "Jurassic Park" and "Star Wars", posed for a picture, which was very unusual because he isn;t very friendly to fans normally... You can imagine that I was very pleased with this picture.
Colin Firth ("The King's Speech", "A Single Man", "Love Actually") won the Bafta for best actor two years in a row. He handed me the Bafta for best fan 2010, due to my commitment as a "celebrityhunter" in the last year. As you can see he posed for a picture for this wonderful moment.
Annette Bening, known for her performance in "American Beauty", "Open Range" and "Mars Attacks!" posed for a picture, which was much better as the one I got with her outside her hotel.
Amy Adams, whom I already met two times this trip posed again for a picture with me. This time the picture is perfect!
Christopher Nolan, director of "Inception", "Memento" and "The Dark Knight" posed for a picture.
Emma Watson, known for performance in all the Harry Potter movies posed for a picture with her new haircut.
Aaron Johnson kicked ass during his performance as Kick Ass in the movie "Kick Ass". He didn;t mind at all to pose for a picture with me.
Danny Boyle, director of "Slumdog Millionaire", "Trainspotting", "127 Hours" and "The Beach" posed for a picture.
Dev Patel, known for his performance in the TV-show "Skins" and the movies "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Last Airbender" posed for a photo.
Gemma Arterton, known for her performances in "Quantum Of Solace", "Prince Of Persia" and "Clash Of The Titans" posed for a picture.
Dominic Cooper, known for his performances in "Mama Mia!" en "Captain America" posed for a picture.
Mike Leigh, the 7 times Academy Award Nominee director, is known for directing movies like "Vera Drake", "Secrets & Lies" and "Another Year". He thought I was his driver and although he would his car more than a picture with me, he posed for one...

maandag 21 februari 2011

Bafta's 2011 Red Carpet

After the long wait during the day and the night (!) the red carpet finally started. But it was very hard to meet people there because of the heavy rain (again on Bafta sunday!). I just met a handful of people during the Red Carpet extravaganza.

Thandie Newton (Mission: Impossible 2, 2012, W. ) posed for a picture.
Anton Corbijn, the Dutch director known for several music videos and movies like Control and The American) posed for a picture.
Paddy Considine (The Bourne Ultimatum, In America) posed for a picture.
Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter) posed for a picture.
Cloin Firth, who won the Bafta later that evening, posed for a picture.
Sir Paul McCartney, one of the still living Beatles, signed my photo of him! Photo from: The Boat That Rocked World-Premiere 2009.

Bafta Pre Party @ Mark's Club

Like every year the day before the Bafta's are handed out, a couple of pre-party's are being held in London. This year it is the first time (for me) it was held in Mark's Club. As usual always a couple of nominees ateend these parties, just like other celebrities. This time I've met the foloowing celebrities;

James McAvoy, known from movies like "Atonement", "Wanted", "The Last king Of Scotland" and the upcoming movie "X-Men: First Class" posed for a picture.
Edgar Ramirez, known from movies like "Vantage Point", "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Domino" signed my posterphoto of "Vantage Point" and my DVD-cover of Domino and posed for a picture...again!
Tom Hollander, known from movies like "Valkyrie" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean", posed for a picture.
Alfonso Cuaron, director of "Children Of Men", "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban" and "Y Tu Mama Tambien" posed for a picture.
Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of "Biutiful", "Babel" and "21 Grams" posed for a picture.
Danny Huston, who really liked his goodie-bag, is mostly known for his performances in movies like "Robin Hood", "Edge Of Darkness", "Wolverine", "The Number 23", "Clash Of The Titans" and the upcoming sequel "Wrath Of The Titans" signed my posterphoto of "Wolverine" and my poster of "Clash Of The Titans" before he posed for a picture with me!
Darren Aronofsky, director of movies like "Requiem For A Dream", "The Wrestler" and "Pi" signed my DVD-covers of "Pi", "The Fountain" and "Requiem For A Dream".
Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger is the Harry Potter movies signed my poster of Harry Potter 7.
Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting, Hard Rain, Sleepers) signed my DVD-cover of Hard Rain.
Tom Hooper, director of "The King's Speech" signed my posterphoto of "The King's Speech". Photo: HBO Weekend @ BFI April 2010
Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, The Negotiator) signed my posterphoto of Superman Returns. Photo from The Old Vic stagedoor october 2006.

Lost Fox Found In London

American actor Matthew Fox was the lead actor for the hitseries Lost, where he played the character named Jack Shepard. Fox is also known from movies like Vantage Point and Speed Racer. After Lost disappeared from the screen Matthew Fox also disappeared from the spotlights. I spotted him when he walked past us in London. Off course I took advantage of the moment by asking him for a picture...
Below is a trailer for "Lost"

zondag 20 februari 2011

Celebrities @ Claridge's Hotel

The last hotel were I went in search of celebrities was Claridge's. Just like Dorchester is this hotel a regular used hotel for celebrities. This trip I've met the following celebrities at this hotel.

Mark Ruffalo, the Acamedy Award Nominee, is mostly known for his parts in "Zodiac", "Blindness", "Shutter Island" and the upcoming "The Avengers" ensemble movie. Mark ruffalo has always been one of my favourite actors so I was very happy to meet him. He signed my "Blindness" posterphoto and posed for a picture outside of the hotel.

Below is the trailer for Shutter Island, starring Mark Ruffalo.

Annette Bening (American Beauty, Mars Attacks!, Open Range, The Siege) has already been nominated for 4 Academy Awards. When she came out of the hotel she signed the DVD-cover of my all time favourite movie American Beauty. She also tried to pose for a picture with me, but because she didn't dare to come closer it isn't the best picture you could imagine unfortunately.
Below is a clip for the classic movie American Beauty, starring Annette Bening.

Below is another clip of American Beauty, my favourite movie

Hailee Steinfeld, who is now nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in True Grit signed a picture of True Grit and posed for a picture.
Below is the trailer for the upcoming film True Grit, starring Hailee Steinfeld.

Talulah Riley, known for her performance in The Boat That Rocked and St. Trinian's, posed for a picture.

Ivan Reitman, the director of Ghostbusters, Kindergarten Cop and Twins, posed for a picture.

Celebrities @ Dorchester Hotel

As usual als the Dorchester hotel had some famous Bafta related guests. At this hotel this trip I was able to meet Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland, Cursed). Jesse signed my DVD-covers of Cursed, The Village, Solitary Man and the Blu-Ray cover of Zombieland. After all the signing he posed for a picture.
Below is the trailer for "The Social Network", starring Jesse Eisenberg.

Edgar Ramirez (Vantage Point, Wrath Of The Titans, Domino) tried to enter the hotel when I asked him fr a picture. Off course he did it, but when every collector and dealer saw this and ran accross the street to get him he walked into the hotel.

Celebrities @ Covent Garden Hotel

During my trip to London I went to the Covent Garden Hotel several times trying to spot some celebrities. This time I was lucky enough to spot some celebrities at this prestigious hotel.

The Academy Award nominee Danny De Vito is mostly known for his roles in "Romancing The Stone", "Mars Attacks!", "Twins" and off course "Batman Returns" in which he plays Batman's nemisis The Penguin. For me signed the DVD-covers of "Mars Attacks!" and "Solitary Man" and the friendly actor posed for a picture.

Below is a clip from "Batman Returns" in which Danny De Vito plays The Penguin.

Ethan Coen, who is one of the two famous Coen Brothers, also walked into the Covent Garden Hotel. Both he and Joel are not easy going people with signing and posing for pictures. Luckily Ethan is slightly more friendly than his brothers, so he was willing to pose for a picture. Together with his brother he made instant classics like "The Big Lebowski", "Fargo", "No Country For Old Men" and the recently released "True Grit".
Amy Adams, who is three time Academy Award nominee already, checked into the Covent Garden Hotel. When she arrived she signed my DVD-covers of "Julie & Julia", "Doubt" and "Enchanted" and was more than willing to pose for nice picture with me.
Gabriel Byrne, who plays main parts in movies like "The Usual Suspects", "End Of Days", "Stigmata", "Miller's Crossing" and he is also the main guy in the new HBO-series "In Treatment". When we saw him at the hotel he signed my DVD-cover of "Spider" and posed for a picture.

Below is a scene from End Of Days in which Gabriel Byrne plays Satan.

Sandra Bernard, the American funny girl, is mostly known for her stand-up performances. She is also known for her part in the Bruce Willis movie "Hudson Hawk". When we saw her coming back from lunch she signed my DVD-cover of "Hudson Hawk" and posed for a picture in the rain.
Rhea Perlman, the wife of Danny De Vito is mostly known for her part in "Cheers" is was recently seen in the HBO-series "Hung". She was, just as her husband, willing to pose for a picture.
When he checked out, Danny De Vito was again more than willing to pose for a picture. I was very happy to get a picture with him a day before, but I thought it would be fun to make another one with him while he looked very different.
Also, Amy Adams, was willing to make another picture with me. And this time, luckily, without sunglasses.
Ruth Wilson, who is mostly known for her part in the recently released television series "The Prisoner" and "Luther" was willing to pose for a picture when she left the hotel.
Terry Gilliam, the Academy Award nominee, is a director with a couple of strange movies on his CV, like "12 Monkeys", "Tideland", "Brazil" and recently "The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus". He signed the DVD-cover of "The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus" for me and posed, like every time I've met him, for a picture.

Sir Christopher Lee On The Street

Thanks to Tom I was able to meet this legend...again. Tom saw Sir Christopher Lee (Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, The Man With The Golden Gun, Dracula) sitting in a car while he drove past us. We decided to follow him a little bit and luckily for us he stopped after a short while. When he got out of the car I managed to get a new and improved picture with him and after that he was also willing to sign my Lord Of The Rings filmcell.

Ed Westwick @ Soho Hotel

Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl, 100 Feet) is the American actor who plays Chuck in the hitseries "Gossip Girl" was in London to promote the upcoming E1-movie Chalet Girl (I'm already looking forward to the DVD-release of that one, see if it gets a DVD-menu!). I met him when he checked out the Soho on his way back to the States. For me signed a group photo of Gossip Girl and also the first season on DVD. With help from Tom he also signed the second season on DVD and the DVD-cover of 100 Feet! He posed two times for a photo, which you can see are both not brilliant!