zondag 20 februari 2011

The Children's Hour @ Comedy Theatre

Keira Knightley (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Love Actually) also did a play again, again at the Comedy Theatre. And again she was as rubbish there as she was last year! For me she "signed" the DVD-covers of The Duchess, The Hole and The Jacket but unfortunately she "never has the time" to pose for a picture with fans...
Ellen Burstyn (Requiem For A Dream, The Excorcist) was very friendly! The Academy Award winning actress signed my DVD-covers of The Exorcist and Requiem For A Dream and posed for a picture.
Below is the trailer for Requiem For A Dream, the movie is which Ellen Burstyn's plays the part of her life.

Elizabeth Moss, known due to her part in the series "Mad Men" signed my boxset of Mad Men and posed for a picture.
Lisa Blackwell, known due to her part as Pandora in the third and fourth season of Skins posed for a picture.
Below is a poster for the play "The Children's Hour" at the Comedy Theatre.

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