vrijdag 17 februari 2012

Celebrities @ Soho Hotel

Almost every trip to London, I am going to check out the Soho hotel in London. Not always, but usually a few celebrities are staying in this hotel. And this trip was no exception...

Jon Hamm (Mad Men, The Town, Sucker Punch) was in town to promote a new series and to be present at the prestigious Bafta Awards. When I met him in fron of the Soho hotel he signed my posters of Mad Men and The Town and he posed for a picture.
Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland, Dark Shadows) was walking towards the Soho hotel. When I asked her for a picture she was happy enough to do it (although the picture suggests otherwise)
Andrew Lincoln was formerly known as the guy from Love Actually, but nowadays he is quite popular du to his succes as the lead in the series The Walking Dead. He signed my poster of The Walking Dead and posed for a picture.

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