woensdag 28 juli 2010

Grown Ups @ Soho Hotel London

Due to several requests to replace my famous Dutch writing on this blog for the infamous English I decided to finally take the advise. So for me it's gonna be only a small step, but it's going to be giant step for all my readers. Some of you will have to translate all my writing, others will never have to use the online translator again...

After five days in Holland, I decided to go back to the capitol of celebrityhunting, London. Only for three days I would throw me back into the action, back into the core, where all the crazy, toothless, smelling, lying and in some cases (very) nice collector's try to do their best and score some autographs or pictures. Just before I went to London on the sunday I read the Grown Ups premiere got cancelled, which off course I didn't like at first. When I realised all the castmembers where coming to London anyway, I didn't mind it anymore... Instead of waiting at Leicester Square it would be waiting at the Soho Hotel.
Although it is a strange thing to cancel a premiere but fly over the castmembers anyway!

Adam Sandler, known for his roles in comedy's like Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, Anger Management & Funny People, signed my DVD-cover of Funny People and my poster of Grown Ups and posed for a picture.
Chris Rock, known for movies like Lethal Weapon 4, Bad Company en the voice of Marty in the Madagascar movies, signed my DVD-covers of Lethal Weapon 4, Bad Company, The Longest Yard and my poster of his new movie Grown Ups. He also posed for the picture, but always does funny faces.
David Spade, known for his funny roles in movies like Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, signed my DVD-covers of Black Sheep and Joe Dirt as well as the poster of Grown Ups. He also posed for a picture...
Kevin James, known for starring roles in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Hitch and the all time classic movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop also starred in the comedy series "The King of Queens". For me he signed the DVD-cover of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry as well as the poster of Grown Ups and he also posed for a picture.

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