woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Long Day's Journey Into Night @ Apollo Theatre

During my last trip to London I went to only one theatre stagedoor to meet the actors. This time I went to the Apollo Theatre where David Suchet and Laurie Metcalf are starring in a play called "Long Day's Journey Into Night".

David Suchet is mostly known for his part as Hercule Poirot in the British TV-show "Poirot". For me he signed my DVD-covers of "Flood" and "The Bank Job". He was also friendly enough to pose for a picture.
Laurie Metcalf is mostly known for her part in the American sitcom "Roseanne". She is also known for her parts in movies like "Scream 2", "Toy Story" and "JFK". She signed my DVD-covers of "Toy Story, "Internal Affairs" and "Scream 2" and was also willing to pose for a photo.  

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