woensdag 27 april 2011

Fast People @ Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

To promote the fifth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, a couple of actors came to Amsterdam. A premiere was held at the Pathe Arena, next to the (in)famous football stadium. Together with fellow collectors Rene and Roy we decided to wait at the hotel where they were staying. After some waiting I was able to meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He signed my "The Mummy" trilogy Blu Ray Boxset, my dvd-covers of "Welcome To The Jungle", "Doom" and "Walking Tall". He was also more than willing to pose for this nice picture... Really nice guy!
Paul Walker ("The Fast & The Furious", "Into The Blue", "Takers"), whom I had already met during the German premiere of the fourth installment signed my poster of "Into The Blue" and posed for a picture.
When he came back Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson signed my previously posed picture and the DVD-covers of "The Other Guys" and "Be Cool". And why not make another picture with The Rock while at it?
Justin Lin, the director of the 3rd, 4th and 5th installment of the franchise, signed my DVD-coves of "Fast & Furious" and "Annapolis". Also, he posed fot a picture.
Not so fast Dutch singer Rene Froger departed the hotel while we were waiting for the others. I took the opportunity to make a picture with the singer.

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