zondag 1 mei 2011

Antwerp Convention 2011

For the first time ever the Antwerp convention was being held in, ofcourse, Antwerp! This convention was mainly for Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy lovers. The convention itself wasn't that big, Rene and me discovered when we arrived at the venue. After some time I was going to check the guests, which weren't busy at all. Actually surprisingly enough they was no line for a single guest.

Rugerro Deodato is an Italian director mostly known for his horrifying cannibal movie "Cannibal Holocaust" in which he used real animal slaughter. The infamous director posed for a picture.

Fred Williamson, mostly known for his parts in "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Starksy & Hutch" posed for a picture.
Scott Capurro, who voiced "Beed" in the movie "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" posed for a picture.
Uwe Boll, the world's worst director ever is mostly known for his completely absurd, badly directed movies, such as "Alone In The Dark", "Alone In The Dark 2", "Bloodrayne", "Bloodrayne 2", "Bloodrayne 3", "Tunnel Rats", "Stoic", "Seed", "In The Name Of The King", "Postal" and his new movie "Auswitz". He signed my previously made posed picture and posed for a new one. Keep up doing the bad job Uwe. Make all the Germans proud!

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