zondag 6 april 2014

Movie Days Germany 2014

I decided to go this years Movie Days convention in Germany, mainly because their special guests were people you actually never see anywhere else. At least, I don't think most of them will soon show up at another convention. The convention itself wasn't really worth talking much about, and it clearly that the organisation tried to make as much money out of the guests as they possibly could. Considering the amount of paid visitors, it can be said with a certainty this convention lost money and a lot of it...
Laurence R. Harvey is, at the moment, only known as Martin (the main character) in The Human Centipede 2. Soon, he can also be seen in The Human Centipede 3 in a different role. It was really fun to talk to him about The Human Centipede franchise. I did decide to take part in the photoshoot to capture this moment forever.
 Robert LaSardo is mostly known for his parts in movies like Death Race, Leon and Out For Justice. But for me he is mostly known due his part as Escobar Gallardo in the TV-show Nip/Tuck. He was wlso very friendly and we talked a lot about The Human Centipede 3, in which he plays a role. I also did the photoshoot with him.
 Josef Altin is mostly known due to his part as Pypar in the TV-Show Game Of Thrones. He signed my poster and posed for a photo.
 Don "The Dragon" Wilson is an award winning martial arts master. He also played the main part in a few B-action movies, like the Bloodfist movies. He was more then willing to pose for a photo (for free) 
 Paul Logan is mostly known because he played the lead actor in B-horror movie Mega Piranha. He was also more then willing to pose for a photo (for free).
 Silvio Simac is mostly known due to small parts in movies like Transporter 3, D.O.A. and Undisputed 2.

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