donderdag 14 november 2013

Weekend Of Cancellations 2013

Like every year also this year's edition of the Weekend Of Horrors turned out to be a weekend of cancellations, so fortunately it wasn't a surprise any more. But I decided to go anyhow because there were a couple of people I'd like te meet...
Costas Mandylor is probably mostly known for his part as detective Hoffman in the Saw movies, where he is later revealed as the killer! He was very friendly and chatted with everyone who was up for it. I took a picture with him during the photoshoot.
Clifton Collins Jr. is mostly known for his parts in Crank 2, Boondock Saints 2 and Star Trek. He was filming in Berlin and stopped by to meet some fans. I also made a picture with him during the photoshoot.
Sarah Butler is actually only known (at the moment) for the movie I Spit On your Grave, but that movie was very cool, so I decided to make a picture with her as well.
Haruo Nakajima (84 years old) is the man in the Godzilla-suit of the old Japanese Godzilla movies. His manager said I could take a picture with him for free when I bought the autograph... I couldn't resist.

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