dinsdag 12 februari 2013

Celebrities @ Covent Garden Hotel

The Covent Garden hotel in London was a good hotel this time around. Here I was able to meet one the best actors of the world. 

Two (soon to be three) times Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis signed my DVD-covers of The Last Of The Mohicans and There Will Be Blood and he posed for a picture, which actually made my trip already a succes! 
Two times Academy Award winning actress Sally Field signed my poster of The Amazing Spiderman as well as my DVD-coverof Mrs. Doubtfire. Luckily for me, she was also willing to pose for a picture.
Four times Academy Award nominated actress Amy Adams signed my posters of Man Of Steel and On The Road. She was also willing to pose for a photo, wearing the same sunglasses as two years before.
Ow... and I almost forgot to mention that Hugh Laurie signed my poster of House, but unfortunately he was unwilling to pose for a photo.

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