zaterdag 17 september 2011

68th Venice Filmfestival: W.E.

In order to see new places of our planet, I decided to go a filmfestival I've never been to. It si also a filmfestival I've never been told stories of, so I didn't know what to expect. Because of this and the reason Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world, I decided to combine the filmfestival with a vacation with my girlfriend Samantha. This means I wasn't a hundred percent dedicated "celebrityhunter" this time. Although I think Venice is not an easy place to meet the stars I managed to meet some celebrities.

One of the highlights of the festival was the premiere of the second movie Madonna directed, the movie "W.E." Madonna and a couple of stars from the movie where all present in Venice but I've only managed to meet the lead actress from the movie; Andrea Riseborough (Happy-Go-Lucky, Brighton Rock, Made in Dagenham). When I met her inside the Excelsior hotel she was willing to pose for a picture with me.

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