zaterdag 16 juli 2011

LFCC 2011 @ Earls Court London

Every year a lot of actors and actresses attend the London Film & Comic Con, Britain's largest movie convention. I hesitated to attend it myself this year but I went after all. Below are the people I was able to meet at the event.

Corey Feldman (The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Lost Boys) made this picture with me, because I wanted one without his sunglasses, which he waired during the paid photosession (?!?)
This is the picture I paid to have with Corey Feldman, unfortunately wairing his sunglasses. He tried to be cool with them though...

Brent Spiner is known for his role as Data in the Star Trek series and movies. He is also known for movies like Independence Day and Superhero Movie. This is the paid for photoshoot.

Robert Knepper, known as T-Bag from the hitseries Prison Break signed my poster of Prison Break. Unfortunately he didn't want to pose for a picture again. (Picture: September 2010)

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is mostly known for movies like James Bond: Licence To Kill, Rising Sun, Pearl Harbor, Planet Of The Apes and Mortal Kombat.

Vivica A. Fox is mostly known for her parts in Kill Bill and Independence Day. For me she signed my filmcells of Kill Bill and Independence Day. She asked everyone if they wanted to take a picture with her, which was very nice.

This was the second time I met Tom Sizemore. The first time was in Germany a few months ago, which was actually a very strange meeting. This second meet was even stranger. He signed my poster of Heat and when I asked for a picture with him, he was unfriendly enough to give me his middle finger. Fuck him I thought! The next day he was very friendly again and even jumped over the table for a picture... To everybody: "Don't do drugs, see what they did to Tom!"

Veronica Cartwright is mostly known for her parts in Alien and The Witches Of Eastwick.

Shawnee Smith, known from the Saw movies, signed my DVD-cover of Saw and posed for a picture...

Lisa Marie, known for movies like Mars Attacks, Sleepy Hollow and Planet Of The Apes posed for a picture.

Joel Gretch, known for series like The 4400 and V, signed my poster of V and posed for a picture.

Brian Tochi, known for his parts in Star Trek and Police Academy posed a picture.

Beatie Edney, known for her part in Highlander, posed for a picture.

Sandahl Bergman, known for her part in Conan The Barbarian, posed for a picture.

Sylvester McCoy, known for his part as Doctor Who and the new movie The Hobbit, posed for a picture.

Stephen Furst, known for the movie Animal House and the series Babylon 5, posed for a picture.

William Morgan Sheppard, known for the Transformers, posed for a picture.

Michael Bailey Smith, known for movies like The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2, posed for a picture...

Lysette Anthony, known for her parts in Krull and Dracula: Dead And Loving It, posed for a picture.

Sir Derek Jacobi, known for I Claudius, Gladiator and The Golden Compass, posed for a picture.

Corey Johnson, known for his parts in Hellboy, The Bourne Ultimatum & X-Men First Class, posed for a picture.

Charlie Bewley, known for his parts in Twilight 2 & 3, posed for a picture.

Alfie Enoch, known for the Harry Potter movies, posed for picture.

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, known for the Harry Potter movies, posed for a picture.
Laurence Belcher, known for X-Men First Class, posed for a picture.
Peter Jurasik, known for Babylon 5 and Tron, posed for picture.
The team getting something to eat together at a Chinese restaurant.

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