woensdag 12 januari 2011

XL Schnitzel With Bacon!

A new year doesn't always mean a new beginning... Sometimes people go on with what they are doing best. Last year I closed with Michael Madsen. This year I've opened with Kevin Bacon. Together with his brother Michael he formed "The Bacon Brothers" and they performed in Bochum, Germany. Fellow collector Roy accompanied me to Bochum and when we arrived at the venue (Zeche) we were not convinced that we would be able to meet him. Luckily for us we managed to see in which hotel he was staying, and while we were leaving all the German collectors at the venue we drove off to the hotel. When we arrived there we saw Kevin but we were unable to get him at that point. We decided to get something to eat in the nearby shopping centre (The same shopping centre we visited a while back for the Fast & Furious premiere.). After I had a few delicious "schnitzels mit jagersauce" at Currie Karl, we went back to the venue , but the situation still wasn't hopefull. Because we were the only 2 collectors who knew where he was staying we decided to wait for him at the hotel when he would come back.
When he arrived at the hotel he signed (the following DVD-covers; "Mystic River", "Tremors", "Wild Things", "Stir Of Echoes", "A Few Good Men", "Hollow Man", "Death Sentence", "Sleepers", "The River Wild", "Apollo 13", "Trapped" and "The Woodsman") and I got my picture with him and we drove back home.

Trailer: Wild Things

Trailer: Sleepers

Trailer: Tremors

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