zondag 14 november 2010

Weekend Of Cancellations November 2010

It has been a year since the last Weekend Of Cancellations. The show formerly known as the Weekend Of Horrors this year was ready for some big announcements and even bigger cancellations. The last weekend of cancellations was even cancelled completely due to vulcanic ash, which was only affecting the area of Bottrop, Germany and not the rest of the world.

After the organiser decided he was not going to book flights for a few big guests, and a couple guests decided to cancel themselves there wasn´t really much going on this particulary weekend. But that didn´t matter to the massive amount of visitors who decided to visit the well organised show.
Amongst these visitors were besides myself fellow collector´s Bart, Gregory, Tom and off course Rene.

Legendary director Dario Argento, known for directing movies such as Suspiria, Il fantasma dell'opera, Giallo and Tenebre, was the most important guest for me this time. For 30 euro he was willing to pose for a picture during the photoshoot at the show.

Udo Kier, known for movies such as Halloween, FeardotCom, End of Days and off course Blade, posed for a picture during the photoshoot.

Fred Williamson, known for movies like Starsky & Hutch and From Dusk Till Dawn, posed for a picture during the photoshoot.

Tito Larriva, known for parts in From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado and Machete posed for a picture during the photoshoot.

I met actor Danny Trejo before, but now he was the main actor in the movie Machete, I decided to meet him again. so was willing to sign my poster of Machete and due to friendly but not so bright crewmember he signed a postershot of Machete as well...for free! I would like to thank this crewmember and I would love to see him next year again!
I also did a grouppicture with every guest who attended the show (except for Dario Argento who went home early). On the picture are (from left to right) actor Fred Williamson, composer Harry Manfredini, Italian actor Fabrizio Jovine, actor-musician Tito Larriva, actor Richard Brooker, actor Tom Savini, actor Kane Hodder, actor Udo Kier, actor Danny Trejo, actress Lisa Wilcox, Italian actress Cinzia Monreale, Italian actress Zora Kerova and actor Ari Lehman.

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