vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Whoopi Goldberg @ Sister Act

Oscar winning actress Whoopi Goldberg is known for movies like Ghost, Jumpin' Jack Flash, The Color Purple and off course Sister Act, in which she also makes part of the West End musical for three weeks only. When she came out of the stagedoor, she didn't look very suprised when 300 people were waiting for her. I was waiting next to her, so I was the first one to obatain her autograph. For she signed the DVD-covers of The Color Purple, The Lion King, Girl, Interrupted, Rat Race and offcourse Ghost, for which she received her Oscar. Unfortunately it was impossible for her at the theatre to pose for a picture with me...
This sign was on the wall, where Whoopi signed for her fans at the barriers, which made it look like a small premiere.

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